Keeping our men strong & connected to serve God

Our aim and vision is to build our men to stand strong as good husbands, loving fathers and men of integrity. Let’s connect and unite to serve God, and our community

Our Men’s Ministry is about activating the men of Restore Church into fellowship, leadership and service. As men of Restore it is important for us to be strong and connected with other men of the church and community. We as men of Restore are the priest of our homes providing Godly leadership to our families.

Restore is committed to building men of character, faith, relationship, family and good work ethic. As we have regular meetings, men’s breakfasts, sports events and other major events where our men connect with each other and serve God. It is also a place where they could bring family and friends that don’t usually attend church.

There are many different ways that men can be involved in the church, such as getting involved with a Life Group or serving in areas such as car parking, stewarding and setting up before the church service.

The destiny of any church is its people and men play a vital part in our church. Come join us at Restore and see what God can do in your life.

Pastor Ray Green
Men’s Ministry Leader