We believe that God has connected us in partnership with our missionaries and national church leaders who are ministering in nations overseas. These nations are Timor Leste, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. This partnership with our missionaries and national church leaders involves praying for them, resourcing their ministries and encouraging them in their work overseas.

In addition we also respond to global crises and natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and cyclones.

We have a missions Sunday three times a year when the focus is on our overseas missions.

Sri Lanka

We have an ongoing partnership with three organisations in Sri Lanka.

  • We donate anually to a national Pastor who oversees regional AOG Pastors.
  • We finacially support an Elderly People’s Home in Colombo.
  • We finacially support a Boy’s Home in Gampola, Sri Lanka.

Timor Leste

Our partnership with our missionaries in Timor Leste involves resourcing their Nutrition Program for young children and also Computer Skills courses. They are developing English courses and producing English workbooks for primary schools in their area. Their ministry involves Sunday Schools and establishing village House Churches. Restore prayerfully supports all these ministries in Timor Leste.


Restore Community Church has a partnership with Emmanuel Community School in Phnom Penh, which was established by a couple from a church in Perth WA. This school gives children from disadvantaged communities the opportunity of a comprehensive, Christian based education, equipping them with necessary skills and abilities required to help make Cambodia a modern progressive nation.

Pastor Roshan Grebe
Missions Pastor