Our Vision

A community of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who
love God, grow together and serve others.

Our Dream

  • Our dream is to see Restore full with people who love our Father God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and loving the body of believers.

  • Our dream is to be a church where people have a sincere love for the lost, and where they will share their faith and impact them with the love and power of God.

  • Our dream for Restore is to help people find answers to their problems, for all the sick to be healed and people to come into true freedom in Christ.

  • Our dream is to be a church where the supernatural will be the norm and where people will continue to experience revival.

  • Our dream at Restore is to be the friendliest, loving and serving people in the community where people will love to belong.

  • Our dream at Restore is to be a church where people of all cultures, ages, and education backgrounds will feel accepted, loved and cared for.

  • Our dream is that our services will be charged with the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit and people will enjoy intimacy in worship and have a great sense of faith and expectancy.

  • Our dream for Restore is for people to be empowered by the Holy Spirit with the gifts and fruit of the Spirit.

  • Our dream is where every believer at Restore will live in obedience to the word of God.

  • Our dream is for Restore to be a large church of significance impacting our community, State, Nation and other parts of the world.

  • This is our dream that we have for Restore Community Church.