Restore Worship & Creative Ministries

It’s FUN. It’s on purpose. It’s straight from the heart. Restore Worship and Creative Ministries reflect the intimate relationship with God, obtainable by all. The contagious love of Christ is sung about by us, reflected in media and our creative productions. It is written into our songs and lived in every second of our thriving, team member’s day. We can all connect with the Life-giver through prayer, the study of God’s word and building our dynamic creative community. We are friends who support, build up, encourage and defend one-another. We believe by faith that each of us can reach our calling. Worship is expressed by us, in every moment of the day, not just in those moments labelled “worship”.

If you are interested in media, our tech team, music, dance, writing, creative thinking, collaboration, drama, special events and more, connect with our team now!